Maria's wedding dress

A very special wedding that was exactly like the bridal couple had imagined it! For Maria and Garrett, Estonian music, history and culture are close to heart, and they wished that their wedding day reflected that. The whole day (and also the night) was full of music and a lot of great musicians… so describes this wedding on its page. And again, I was given the opportunity to decorate the bride in a beautiful woven handmade bridal dress, cooperated with Jaanika Studio’s. Wonderful Silvia-patterned dress was ready for the wedding a few weeks in advance, at the beginning of July. The making of the dress was smooth-sailing and the patterns were arranged pretty quickly and then there was just playing with the nupps left. The 4304 nupps on the bottom part of the dress was enough to make the top without nupps. The loose part of her back gave something to think about – this time it was very open – but here the bride was advised to fasten the edges with a couple of stitches to her underdress before wearing it… and that’s how the dress came to be!
Tender, delicate, sweet, airy!

Important people at the wedding:
Arrangement and visual:
Photos: Rene Riisalu/FotoStop
Evening Manager: Hannes Hermaküla

Maria and Garret, may you have the happiness and love to enjoy over the decades and to be beamed upon. I wish  all good wishes for your future life together! Thank you!