Liilia's wedding dress

At a time when the forest-elves were waiting for the evening mist at the edge of Viru’s moor, a courageous elf-bride walked through these paths towards a happy marriage…
There is not much need for happyness – a beloved companion is enough whom with to set common goals with, to look at the future hand in hand. On September 2, 2017, the gorgeous Liilia got married, wearing a woven dress on her wedding day, woven by me.
And again, the dress began by letters sent about half a year before the event, in April. It’s easy to fulfill the dreams of brides who knows what they want. Liilia knew! Not all nuances can be done with lace knitting, for example, you can’t knit corners, but even so, the results are beautiful and unique. 

We collaborated on the underdress this time with another wonderful seamer from Tartu – Kadri Sitska from Antonius’s Gild.

Photo by Ingrid Lauringson, who has found wonderful places to capture images in – Viru’s moor and Kolga Manor.
The weightings of the woven dress are only 110 g this time – thinness and wondrous!

Wonderful moments with each other for long years!