Laidy's wedding dress

Hit the moon! Even as you fly past, you land among the stars…
I like the saying so much – if there’s the right person next to you, it doesn’t matter what you aim for, the main thing is that you go together! And as the dream must be great, it is not worth taking a different direction than the Moon…
Laidy and Kristo already have three wonderful pearls in their lives, their children, and as a logical continuation, the biggest agreement was reached on of May 2019 – the marriage. Good luck on that wonderful journey!
Laidy’s woven bridal dress took the evenings and weekends of 5 weeks. I knitted with wool-silk-cashmere blended yarn that is my favourite. A mixture of large leaf and double-nupps  patterns. I was rather doubtful about the pattern until the moment I got it on my needles – somehow it seemed too big for me in the Aasa shawlbook for the top of the dress, but no, it was exactly right! The heart of the button symbolizes their love in the best way.

Weight: 163g
Fotographed by Inga Mattiesen