Airi's wedding dress

”… it’s 20.20, 10 minutes ago I walked through the home door, which I had closed behind me at 7.30 in the morning. The husband sat in the big room behind the computer, the son in his room behind another computer… the daughter had arrived with me – from the stable/workout. When I asked them if they have had something to eat,  I got a quick negative answer to the question. A quick glance at the fridge (because I had not reached the store) it appeared that dinner was saved!… where are my rods? Oh, yes, in the bag. … at 22.15 I get up from the couch, my eyes don’t want to read the fine tissue any more, my hands are tired… well, I just can’t wait… There’s time again… tomorrow I can knit at the stable after work… enough for today… Maybe I’ll sleep a little better and get on with it in the morning before work? ”…

When I finally said “yes” to Air a month and a half before the wedding, after a pretty long weigh-in, I didn’t really think I’d get this dress done. On August 22nd, when Mirjam’s dress was almost complete, I made 760 stiches on the needles… On the morning of September 23.-rd, I finished making up the lower lace… What happened in the previous month was briefly written at the beginning of the post – for a whole month, the fight went on for every spare minute. Constant self-sharing between family, home, work, daughter’s trainings, competition asnd stable, where our youngest family member lives – our horse. When Airi came to the first test 1.5 weeks after the start, I had only 50 centimeters to show of 157 centimeters of what I needed … I knew I’d make it … what about her? Speaking about the dress a week and a half before the wedding day, the bride wrote the wonderful words: “ I wasn’t worried about you when you said you were going to take the job — I knew that dress will be ready”!

Photos made by M & J Studios

Happiness and love for you long years!